Azores Islands – Corvo

And it is from the small Corvo Island that I start the photo tour by our Azores Archipelago.

Corvo is the smallest island of the Azores Islands with about 6.2 km long by about 4.0 Km of maximum width.

Its oval and elongated surface according to a north-south direction occupies an area of about 17,0 km2  and, together with the Flores Island forms the Western Group of the archipelago.

Inhabited by about 430 people, the main points, not to be missed, apart from Corvo Village, is the Caldeirão, the crater of an extinct volcano, with its ponds and bogs where they come graze some   bovine cattle enjoying the peace these landscapes provide.

In the village, the beautiful Church of Our Lady of Miracles and the group of mills along the airport are two of the point also to visit along with the Corvo’s Interpretation Center.

It has a small bathing area with a fine sandy beach surrounded by black and jagged volcanic rocks.

Take a look in fotosentidos gallery about Corvo

Knowing more about Corvo Island

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